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November 18th, 2007: Just off the printing press: Marriage With the Intention to Divorce.

November 5th, 2007: We have a new article out that will destroy the credibility of Answering-Ansar completely: Answering-Ansar’s Guru Says Current Quran is “Incomplete” and “Not Enough” Read how Answering Ansar’s scholar, Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq, claimed that the complete Quran is with Imam Mehdi and how in it the name of Pakistan is mentioned!

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September 29th, 2007: This is our first rebuttal of Rayat: Response to Rayat’s Article Entitled “Imam Ali’s Sons”. Even those who have not read Rayat’s article will benefit from reading this rebuttal. In this article, we trace not only the names of Ali’s children but also those of all of the twelve Imams of the Shia. Let us know what you think of the article by emailing us.

September 28th, 2007: The Shia propagandists ask us how come every Messenger sent by Allah had been sent a Wasi so how could it be that Prophet Muhammad was not also given a Wasi. Our answer: Why the Prophet did not have a Wasi.

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This website is dedicated to those members of the Prophetic Household (the Ahlel Bayt) who have been abandoned and forsaken by the Shia. This includes the Prophet’s wives–Aisha (رضّى الله عنها) and Hafsa (رضّى الله عنها)–as well as his daughters: Zaynab (رضّى الله عنها), Ruqayyah (رضّى الله عنها), and Umm Kulthoom (رضّى الله عنها). It is evident that the Shia propagandists have slandered the Prophet’s wives and have even denied the existence of three of his lovely daughters. It is for this reason that we amongst the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah (i.e. the mainstream Muslims) find it incumbent upon ourselves to defend the honor of the Ahlel Bayt, and to become the intellectual Vanguard of Sunni Islam.

The Ahlel Bayt were never Shia, but rather were always part of the mainstream Islam. How could the Ahlel Bayt be Shia when Allah said in the Quran:

“…and be not amongst those who join gods with Allah, those who split up their Religion, and become shias (sects) - each party rejoicing in that which is with itself.” (Quran, 30:31-32)

The transliteration of the Arabic reads:

“Muneebeena ilayhi waittaqoohu waaqeemoo alssalata wala takoonoo mina almushrikeena. Mina allatheena farraqoo deenahum wakanoo shia an kullu hizbin bima ladayhim farihoona”

In the Nahjul Balagha, one of the most revered books of the Shia, Ali (رضّى الله عنه) said in Sermon 126:

“With regard to me, two categories of people will be ruined, namely he who loves me too much and the love takes him away from rightfulness, and he who hates me too much and the hatred takes him away from rightfulness. The best man with regard to me is he who is on the middle course. So be with him and be with the great majority of Muslims because Allah’s hand of protection is on keeping unity. You should beware of division because the one isolated from the group is a prey to Satan just as the one isolated from the flock of sheep is a prey to the wolf. Beware! Whoever calls to this course [of sectarianism], kill him, even though he may be under this headband of mine.”

(Source: Al-Islam.org, http://www.al-islam.org/nahjul/126.htm)

It is truly sad that people have exploited the memory of the Ahlel Bayt in order to schism into various sects, against the Command of Allah. The Ahlel Bayt were Muwahiddoon (Unitarians of Islam) who would never split into sects. The Ahlel Bayt website was designed by the Muwahiddoon as an open invitation to the Shia of the world to reject sectarianism and accept the Islam of the mainstream orthodoxy, the same group to which the Ahlel Bayt belonged to.

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Recently Published Articles

  • Imam Bukhari’s Fatwa on Befriending Shias

    Original scanned reference of Imam Bukhari’s view on befriending Shias.

  • Video: Shia Scholars Cursing and Insulting Prophet’s Wife

    In this shocking video, the Shia scholars are caught on tape insulting and cursing the Prophet’s very own wife, Umm al-Mu’mineen Aisha. Grand Ayatollah Shirazi, one of the Shia Maraje’ (top scholars), refers to Aisha as a Kaafir (infidel). Hassan Shahate, the Shia scholar well-known for his participation in Sunni-Shia polemics, refers to Aisha as a donkey. Shaykh Yassir al-Habib, the so-called “up and coming” cleric of Shi’ism, mocks the title of Aisha.

  • Marriage With the Intention to Divorce

    In this article, we clarify the stance of the Ahl as-Sunnah with regards to the issue of marriage with the intention of divorce. Such marriages are not permissible.

  • Answering-Ansar’s Guru Says Current Quran is “Incomplete” and “Not Enough”

    In this article, we expose Answering-Ansar’s guru, Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq. We reveal the link between Answering-Ansar and then we examine the Allamah’s views. Allamah Abdul Kareem Mushtaq believed that our current Quran is incomplete and insufficient. He claimed that Imam Mehdi would bring the entire Quran, and that this true Quran would be complete, unlike our “weak” Quran. The Allamah even claims that the Quran of Imam Mehdi has the name of Pakistan in it! This is an article that will deliver a blow to the credibility of Answering-Ansar that they cannot possibly recover from.

  • Reply to an Email

    Due to the fact that we get too many emails and we have limited time, we usually do not respond to such emails. However, a dear Sunni friend requested that this email be replied to and so we decided to deal with it.

  • Tahreef (Tampering) of Verse 11:73

    It should also be known that the Shia do not love Ahlel Bayt as they claim but rather they hate it, as they scorn the Prophet’s wives. To justify their claim of being the lovers of Ahlel Bayt, the Shia try to use aggressive word games with Verse 33:33, but these same “grammatical” games fall apart when they are applied to Verse 5:73, forcing the Shia to adopt the opinion of their classical Ulema, namely that the Sahabah tampered with the Quran!

  • Hadith About Shias Being Best of Creation [A Sunni Perspective]

    In regards to the narration: “You and your shias are the best of creation”, it should be known that it is not authentic.

  • Hadith About Dying With Hatred Towards Ali [A Sunni Perspective]

    In regards to the following narration: “Whoever died and in his soul was hate towards Ali, died like a Jew or Christian”, it should be known that it is not authentic.

  • Hadith About No Sword Except Dhul-Fiqar [A Sunni Perspective]

    In reference to the narration: “There is no sword except Dhul-Fiqar, and there is no brave youth except Ali”, it should be known that it is not authentic.

  • Hadith About the Prophet Contemplating Suicide

    The Shia bring up this particular Hadith in Sunni books in order to attack the Ahlus Sunnah. In this article, we understand the Sunni perspective and refute the allegations levied by the Shia. This article may also be beneficial to those Muslims who wish to refute the non-Muslim polemicists who use similar arguments as the Shia.

  • Response to Rayat’s Article Entitled “Imam Ali’s Sons”

    In this article, we refute the arguments raised by “Rayat”. Even those who have not read his article will benefit from this article, because we raise a lot of new points that were not mentioned in our previous article about how Ali ibn Abi Talib named his sons after the first Three Caliphs. Not only this, but we see how it was the Sunnah of the Imams of Ahlel Bayt (not just Ali) to name their children after the first Three Caliphs.

  • Why Prophet Muhammad Did Not Have a Wasi

    Even if we were to accept the fallacious idea that every Messenger had a Wasi, then we respond to the Shia by saying that Prophet Muhammad had no Wasi because he was the final seal and nobody came after him. The Quran mentions that the Prophet is the Final Seal, and nowhere does it mention any Wasi that is to come after him. The one who believes in such a thing–and who exalts the position of Wasi as the Shia do–is a disbeliever and outside the folds of Islam.