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Grand Ayatollah al-Kho’i Says Wife is Part of a Man’s “Ahl”


Grand Ayatollah al-Kho’i, the former leader of the Hawzah of the holy city of Najaf, wrote in his book “Sirat al-Najat” that the wife is a part of a man’s “Ahl”. It should be noted that “Sirat al-Najat” is a very famous book which is referenced on many times. Is it not clear from this that the Prophet’s wives are a part of his “Ahl”?

Does this not expose the hypocrisy of the Shia leaders when they include their own wives in their Ahl, but they then rip the Prophet’s wives out of his Ahl? This is indeed indicative of the two-faced attitude of the Shia Ayatollahs, whereby they will never tolerate a man insulting their own wives, but they themselves will degrade the Prophet’s wives! Aisha and Hafsa are a part of the Ahlel Bayt, and the Shia leaders lie when they claim to be the lovers of Ahlel Bayt when in fact they are the enemies and revilers of the Prophet’s wives (i.e. his Ahlel Bayt). We kindly ask the Shia laypersons to disassociate themselves from their leaders and to instead embrace the true lovers of Ahlel Bayt, i.e. the Ahlus Sunnah.



Q: There is a command to convey the Haqq (Truth) to one’s “Ahl” as well as to forbid them from the evil things, so in this command, who is “Ahl”? And is one’s wife included in this, and is this command (to convey the truth) applicable to one’s wife?

Answer by al-Ko’i: Yes, the wife is part of the “Ahl”, and this command is in regards to her too. And Allah knows best.

(source: Sirat al-Najat, by Grand Ayatollah al-Kho’i, p.426

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