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Hadith About Dying With Hatred Towards Ali [A Sunni Perspective]


In regards to the following narration:

“Whoever died and in his soul was hate towards Ali, died like a Jew or Christian.”

It should be known that it is not authentic.

Shawkani said in “Fawaid al-Majmua” (p.373, #72):

. رواه العقيلي عن بهز بن حكيم عن أبيه عن جده مرفوعا وقال في إسناده علي بن قرين كان يضع الحديث والجارود بن يزيد وكان يضع أيضا

“Narrated by Ukayli via Bahz ibn Hakim, from his father, from his grandfather Marfuan. In the chain is Ali ibn Qarin: he fabricated; and Jarud ibn Yazeed: he also used to fabricate.”

In regards to Ali ibn Qarin, Dhahabi said in “Mizan” (#5913):

قال يحيى: لا يكتب عنه، كذاب خبيث. وقال أبو حاتم: متروك الحديث. وقال موسى بن هارون، وغيره: كان يكذب. وقال العقيلى،: كان يضع الحديث. وقال الدارقطني: ضعيف

Yahya said: “He is a wicked liar.” Abu Hatim said: “Matrook ahadeeth.” Musa ibn Harin and others said: “He used to lie.” Ukayli said: “He fabricated narrations.” Daraqutni said: “Weak.”

As for Jarud ibn Yazeed, Dhahabi said in “Mizan” (#1428):

كذبه أبو أسامة. وضعفه على. وقال يحيى: ليس بشئ. وقال أبو داود: غير ثقة. وقال النسائي والدارقطني: متروك. وقال أبو حاتم: كذاب.

Abu Usama said: “He is a liar.” Ali (ibn Madini) said: “He is weak.” Yahya said: “He is nothing.” Abu Dawood said: “Not truthful.” Daraqutni and Nasai said: “Matrook.” Abu Hatim said: “Liar.”

Article By: Abu Ali Efendi Abdullah al-Ujari,

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