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Quran (13:7): Not a Proof for Imamah

bismillahirahman1.JPG says
[Pooya/Ali Commentary 13:7]

“You are only a warner and (there is) a guide for every people.” [Quran, 13:7]

Imam Muhammad bin Ali al Baqir also said that “the warner” means the Holy Prophet and “the guide” means Ali and added “the authority to guide continues among us”. This verse also points to the continued existence of a “guide”, namely al Mahdi al Qa-im…

The enemies of the Ahl ul Bayt try to conceal their merits, and deny their divine rights, but Allah’s plan is always executed and His will invariably takes effect…

Aqa Mahdi Puya says…The Holy Prophet is a warner and every nation has a guide [i.e. the 12 Imams]

source: Pooya/Ali Commentary,


This translation of verse 13:7 relies on the current “Shakir” translation which is actually a forgery based off of Maulana Muhammad Ali’s 1917 translation, who was an Ahmadi (i.e. Qadiani)!

The proper translation of the Quranic verse reads:

Verse 13:7

YUSUFALI: And the disbelievers say: “Why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord?” But you (O Muhammad) are truly a warner and to every people a guide.

PICKTHAL: Those who disbelieve say: “If only some portent were sent down upon him from his Lord!” You (O Muhammad) are a warner only and for every folk a guide.

It is clear that here Allah has called the Prophet Muhammad as both a warner and a guide to all people. Indeed, it is our Islamic belief that the Prophet was the only Prophet sent to all of mankind, and this is what is meant by this Quranic verse.

Article Written By: Ibn al-Hashimi,

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