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Black Clothes


Traditionally, the Shia wear black clothes in the month of Muharram. In fact, during this month, it is considered Mustahabb (highly recommended) to do so. We find most Shia do wear black in certain parts of the year, including the Shia Ulema (scholarship) and Maraje’ (high scholars). In fact, the Shia Ayatollahs tend to wear black year-round, and very rarely do we see them not wearing black cloaks.

Herein we find a contradiction in the Shia faith. According to the authentic Shia Hadith, wearing black clothes is actually Haram (forbidden)! We see the following Hadith referenced on the reliable Shia website,

Amir-ul-mu’minin said:
وقال أمير المؤمنين عليه السلام فيما علم أصحابه: ” لا تلبسوا السواد فإنه لباس فرعون “.
“Do not wear black clothes, that is the dress of Pharaoh”

Imam As Sadiq was asked about pray in the black clothes, he said:
وسئل الصادق عليه السلام ” عن الصلاة في القلنسوة السوداء؟ فقال: لا تصل فيها فإنها لباس أهل النار
“Don’t pray in it, that is dress of people of fire”

There is obviously nothing wrong with wearing black clothes, and the Ahlus Sunnah has nothing in their books which forbids it. However, the Shia Hadith declare that Amir Al-Mumineen Ali (رضّى الله عنه) and Imam As-Sadiq (رضّى الله عنه) declared it Haram. And yet, we find the Shia scholars wearing black, as well as the Shia masses who do so out of a sense of religious obligation.

In fact, the Shia Maraje’ have declared that wearing black is Mustahabb. On his official website, Grand Ayatollah Lankarani was asked if wearing black was Mustahabb, to which he replied: “Since it [wearing black] is considered respecting the signs (of Allah), it has legal preference. Moreover, prominent scholars such as late Ayatollah al-Uzma Broujardi used to wear black…” (Source: Ayatollah Lankarani’s official website,

This is truly an inconsistency in religion. The Faith of Allah should not have inconsistencies in it, and yet we find that Shi’ism is full of such discrepencies. Hence, we can only conclude that Shi’ism is not true Islam.

Article Written By: Ibn al-Hashimi,

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