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Matam Videos

Click the links below in order to see what the Shia practise of Matam entails.  As can be seen, the Shia are giving Islam a bad name;  the non-Muslims will see this and think that Muslims are nothing but uncivilized barbarians.  This is definitely not Islam.  Such ridicolous practises are reminiscent of pagan rituals of the most crude design!   

Matam Video #1:
Shia Beating Themselves

Description:  This video shows a Shia procession beating their chests.

Matam Video #2: 
Shia Beating Themselves, Part II

Description:  Same as above.

Matam Video #3: 
Walking on Fire;  Islamic or Zoroastrian?

Description:  This video shows the Shia walking on fire, which according to the Shia scholars, is considered Mustahabb (highly recomended).  The origin of fire-walking is Zoroastrian, and its introduction and infusion into the so-called Islam of the Shia is a major Bidah (evil innovation).

Matam Video #4: 
Matam;  Contains graphic footage

Description:  Click this link to download the video

Matam Video #5: 
Ayatollah al-Hakim Loses His Sanity

Description:¬† This is a video of Ayatollah Baqir al-Hakim during Muharram.¬† He was one of the most revered of the Shia Maraje‘ (high scholars).¬†¬†In this video, we see him losing complete control of¬†himself and beating himself irrationally.¬†¬†Such¬†ridicolous antics make Muslims look crazy.¬† This video was put up by Kuffaar on many of their anti-Islam sites in order to make Islam look ridicolous;¬† thanks to the Shia, they are able to do just that.¬† Little do the masses know that this is not part of Islam, simply part of Shi’ism.

Matam Video #6: 
Worship or Rap Music?

Description:¬† Does this really look Islamic?¬† We hope that the Shia viewer realizes how “funny” these Shia rituals are so that he can wake up to the reality of his faith.¬† The Prophet of Allah used to mock the Jahiliyyah practises of the Arab pagans, and this coerced many of them to realize the baseness in their ways.¬† We hope that we can have this same effect on the Shia.

Matam Video #7:
Tatbir (Shedding Blood Using Swords)

Description:¬† Tatbir¬†refers to¬†the Shia practise of cutting themselves with swords.¬† Ayatollah Shirazi declared:¬† “TATBIR is a MUSTAHAB (highly recommended) deed, unless it leads to death, loss of limb, or loss of faculties…TATBIR is a desirable act…Tatbir (shedding blood using swords) has always been recommended as Mustahab (highly recommended) by the overwhelming consensus of the ‚ÄėULAMA and there has rarely been any, if at all, high-ranking ‚ÄėAalim ever to have declared otherwise.‚Ä̬† (Source: Ayatollah Shirazi‚Äôs official website,

Matam Video #8:
Tatbir, Part II

Description:  Same as above.

Matam Video #9:
We’ll Cut Your Head For You

Description:¬† This ritual is simply bizarre.¬† One man is cutting other people’s heads for them.

Matam Video #10:
We’ll Cut Your Head For You, Part II

Description:  Same as above.


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