The Shia practises of Matam are no doubt an embarassment to many Shia living in the West; thus, many of them claim that Matam is done only by misguided Shia who are “ignorant” and “extremist” fringe elements. This is a blatant lie (or sheer ignorance): Matam is part and parcel of Shi’ism. We shall herein see how the Shia Maraje’ (top scholars) advocate Matam, even Tatbir (shedding of blood with swords). Then, we shall see what the Shia practise of Matam really is. We have extremely stunning videos, so viewer beware!
  • The Ayatollahs Recommend Self-Flagellation

    The Shia will oftentimes use Taqiyyah (lying to save one’s religion) when asked about Matam. We often hear Shia, particularly in the West, saying that beating oneself during Matam is actually forbidden in the Shia religion, and that it is only ignorant and “extremist” Shia who do that. This is a bold-faced lie, and we shall prove it here. In fact, the opposite is true: any Shia who claims that self-flagellation is not Mustahabb (highly recommended) is either lying or ignorant of his religion. All of the Shia Maraje’ (high scholars) are agreed that beating oneself is not only allowed in Shi’ism, but rather it is encouraged.

  • Matam: Self-Flagellation

    The Shia have added many evil innovations to the faith, and this is why they are called Ahlel Bidah (the People of Bidah). One such Bidah (innovation) is the practise of Matam, in which the Shia beat themselves in Muharram on the day of Ashura. The Shia will slap their chests, beat their backs, and involve themselves in other practises in order to “commemorate” the dead.

  • Pictures of Matam

    Matam is a violent ritual performed by the Shia. This page contains graphic pictures of this Shia practise. Viewer beware: these are extremely graphic pictures and not for the faint of heart.

  • Matam Videos

    Here are some videos of Shia doing Matam. Viewer Beware! These videos are graphic and are not for the faint of heart. As can be seen, the Shia are giving Islam a bad name; the non-Muslims will see this and think that Muslims are nothing but uncivilized barbarians. This is definitely not Islam. Such ridicolous practises are reminiscent of pagan rituals of the most crude design!

  • Black Clothes

    The Shia Hadith declares that Amir Al-Mumineen Ali (رضّى الله عنه) and Imam As-Sadiq (رضّى الله عنه) declared it Haram (forbidden) to wear black clothes. And yet, we find the Shia scholars wearing black, as well as the Shia masses who do so out of a sense of religious obligation. This is truly an inconsistency in the Shia religion.

  • Why Sunnis Do Not Comemmorate Ashura

    The Shia sometimes ask why the Ahlus Sunnah does not participate in the Ashura comemmorations. This response by the Ahlel Bayt Admin should clarify the position of the Ahlus Sunnah, and it will expose the hidden agenda of the Shia who celebrate Ashura only as a means of spiting the Ahlus Sunnah.

  • More Pictures of Matam

    These are some more gruesome pictures of the Shia rituals during the day of Ashura. Viewer beware: very graphic pictures and definitely not for the faint of heart.