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Wat is er na de waarheid (islam) behalve de verkeerde weg? (sjiisme)

Baniyas: Een massaslachting door Assad’s Alawieten op de onschuldige burgers.

One of the most horrible and heartbreaking stories I have ever heard.
A story from a woman who survived Banias massacres.
On Friday May 3, 2013 afternoon, the sound of gunfire was so intense, we were in our three story house. Me and my husband were in one story my children and grandchildren were in the other ones.
During this we gathered in one place to avoid shelling and the intense gunfire, we stayed in the ground floor holding each other tightly and we were extremely scared.
Imagine 18 human beings staying in one room, holding each other, praying to God to save them.
The woman who survived, her husband, her eldest son with his wife and three kids, my other son with his wife and kids, my daughters and their children, one of them was four month pregnant.
After a while intense gunfire started to target our building directly, then soon they broke into our building, searched and looted everything they could find.
Finally they found us, they confiscated all our mobiles, jewelry everything. Then afterwards the officer in charge decided that we should be killed with machine guns.
He ordered to split women and children from men, they made us stand in two rings. they opened their machine guns at us, starting from right to left, repeating it randomly so that they would make sure everyone is dead. I miraculously didn’t die, so I pretended to be dead, I throw myself on the ground on my children’s bodies pretending to be dead. After their mission was completed they left the building. I crawled to check on my family, all were dead except for one of my grandchildren and my youngest daughters she was dying. I also saw my son putting his hand under his dad’s head so that he won’t hurt if he drops to the ground dead.
I stayed all night attending my dying daughter, talking to her, giving her some water until she surrendered her soul to God, no paramedics were near us, and I wouldn’t dare to call for help fearing my grandson’s life.
My daughter told me about heaven while she was dying, she told me “don’t leave me mom, don’t stay alone here”!!

I guarded their bodies from stray dogs all night.
I lost them all and what an irony I was the oldest among them. They were all killed before my eyes


Foto’s Baniyas Massaslachting:

Videomateriaal uit Baniyas:

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