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Wat is er na de waarheid (islam) behalve de verkeerde weg? (sjiisme)


vv portfolio met namen , koppelen aan landen.

Abdullah Ibn Saba

Saddam Hussein

Molavi Abdul Hamid (Iraanse Sunni leider)

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Aseer Al Husseini

Saád en Rafik Hariri

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Ali Khamenei LOL

Shia cleric ‘Hujjatul-Islam’ Rashad who is in charge of the ‘Publication Office of the Heritage of The Revolutionary Leader (Khamenei)’ said:

‘[…] as for those who utter nonsense by claiming that he (Ayatullat Khamenei) rides horses and even owns one [i.e. him living lavish], then they should take a look at his slippers and shoes (!) that he is wearing for over twenty years now. In fact, his shoe is worn out to such an extent that whenever I see him I am reminded of the Chief of the Believers (Ali Ibn Abi Talib)’.

Our comment: Yeah, sounds too crazy to be true, I mean what nutter would state such thing, except a … well, except a Rafidi. This news is on MAJOR Iranian Shia gov. websites, it’s not some ‘Wahhabi hoax’ to bad name the Shia clergy, the Shia clergy bad name themselves, on daily basis. Here the original source:

These Super-Mushriks have the audactiy to compare the Taghoot Khamenei to Ali Ibn Abi Talib رضي الله عنه!!! Ah, yeah, remember, Khamenei yelled “YAAWWW ALIIIIII” right when he popped out from the hole he came from:

The truth is: On most pictures of Khamenei you can clearly see that he is wearing bran new shoes (or at least NON worn out ones), even in different colours! So how on earth can they claim that he is wearing one and the same shoe and slipper for over 20 years? They really must think their followers are a bunch of fanatical cattle who believe everything (even that Khamenei yelled ‘Ya Ali madad’ when he was born!).

Ayatollah Khamenei de modepresentator

Ayatolla Rugollah Khomeini


Muqtada as-Sadr

Nouri al-Maliki

Ibrahim al-Jaafari

Abdul Aziz al-Hakim

Yasser al-Habib
SLaaf van UK Koning, scheldt Aicha radia Allahu 3anha uit, en mag van Kuwait overheid ineens naar UK.

Hassan Nasrallah

Musa al-Sadr

Mohammed Hussein Fadlallah
Stuk over Rib

De 12 imams, inc “Mahdi” (naam van mahdi mag niet worden genoemd)

Jafar Sadiq:
Familie van Abu Bakr

”I am quit of whoever mentions Abu Bakr and Umar RadiAllahu Anhuma with anything but good”
[Ja’far as-Sadiq RadiAllahu Anh]

Ancesters of Imaam Jaafar As-Saadiq (verwijderd)

Ali Korani

Ayatolla Kamal al-Haydari


George Gallowaygeorge galloway

Galloqay Iran Palestina

It’s official now, Georgy Galloway (the bathist-secularist-alawite-Bashari lover and defender and whose wife is a Shiite) is a Shiite himself! No wonder he acts like the number one prostitute of Iran.